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      I have been interested in fine arts since I was 4 years old. Growing up, I spent my younger years painting, drawing, and copying to learn. I studied art all through my childhood and into my adulthood. I come from a family of artists on both sides of my family and there isn’t one person in my family who isn’t interested in art of some form. 

      When I went to college I majored in Fine Arts and then went on to get my graduate degree in Education, leaving art as a part-time hobby. It wasn’t until recent years, I

realized how much I missed creating art all of the time instead of just sneaking it in here and there (my entire house is an art project). So, one might say I have come full circle and am so very happy to be creating art full time.

      Two years ago, I started working with resin, mineral paints, and mixed media, having previously worked with photography, acrylics, ink, oils, sculpting materials, and watercolors. Once I see someone creating something similar, I move away from that and develop my own styles. I like to create abstract but I also like to mix realism with abstract. In my art, I am very detail orientated and very interested in color combinations, mixed media, and textures. I find now that I have my eyes wide open when I paint and draw. The feelings that I get when I paint are the best feelings in the world! My favorite periods of art are Impressionism, Renaissance, and Abstract. One of my most favorite artists is Georgia O’Keefe. I have a love for all art and meeting people. I currently reside in New Braunfels, Texas but love to travel and would love to exhibit everywhere as well as become a resident artist and help contribute to communities. When I create my art and look at it, I always find different things within it and I hope to share this with you!

Best Regards,

Christina French

Ocean Phoenix Art, LLC

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Ocean Phoenix Art
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